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28 September 2009 @ 09:36 pm
hmm herbivore?? yes please!~~~  
G-Dragon's thoughts on being called a herbivore

"Herbivore" or "Cho Shik Nam" (초식남) is a fairly new term in Korea. Herbivore is a slang term that comes from a new phenomenon in Japan that refers to men who do not show off their masculinity. They're passive about sex and relationships because they're too busy and aggressive when it comes to their own hobbies, interests, which are often considered "childish." They're "rebels," don't have money-driven careers and don't really care about pursuing women. Want an example? G-Dragon, who has been quite busy lately with his solo album HEARTBREAKER, is often referred to as a herbivore. Now, what does he think of the term?

G-Dragon performed at the 2009
Wonderful Korea concert on the 27th. When the MC of the show asked him "Aren't you a herbivore?," he smiled and answered. "I'm not sure what it means but I think it refers to a person who dresses well. In that sense, I think the term suits me." He might be way off there, but its nice that he at least took the question positively.

When the MC joked "
Herbivores apparently aren't into relationships," G-Dragon answered, "On the contrary, I'm very interested in having a relationship. I just don't have a girlfriend yet though." And I'm pretty sure that G-Dragon is VERY interested in relationships, judging from this infamous look of his.
G-Dragon's thoughts on being called a herbivore

G-Dragon also told stories of other
Big Bang members: "Taeyang is preparing for his second solo album, Daesung is pretty well now so you'll be able to see him soon. Seungri is preparing for a musical again and TOP is shooting a drama. Everyone is working hard."
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