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26 January 2010 @ 08:16 pm
Korean Candy  
  If Korea celebrated Halloween, this is the candy you would find in your bag. 

Break me off a piece of that Kic Ker bar.
Jjang Shyuh Yo, cola flavored, sour gummies.

Myee Goomi, grape gummies.
Jjang Shuh Yo. Skulls and bones style.
TP, a relative of the peanut M&M.

 Chupa Sunflower, seed shaped chocolates.

 Milk Caramels.

Sweet and Sour chewies. My sister’s favorite.

  Crunky, the long lost relative of Nestle Crunch (which, by the way I have not seen in quite some time!).

Atlas, an almond bar with a buttery filling

 Free Time, similar to the Snickers bar sans the caramel. Instead it is creamier in a milky, coffee creamer sort of way.

 The Stone Age. Chocolate covered candy to look like little pebble stones.

 Pepero. Crispy, buttery sticks covered in chocolate and nuts. 

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